Blackjack or 21 is one of the most popular card games in a casino, and one of the most sought after in online betting sites. This card game whose purpose is to add 21 to the value of the cards without going over, can be a good entertainment thanks to this demo version, free, without downloads and without registration.

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It is an old game whose rules have endured to this day, adapting to be more entertaining and exciting. It surely originates from Spain, although we relate it much more to the large European or North American casinos. It is a game in which you face the dealer to get the best possible hand. The rules are slightly different for the dealer and for the player. The bank will have won as long as they have a better hand or you go over 21, they will tie with you if they have the same number of points and they will lose if your hand is higher or if they risk too much and go over.

In this game it is important to know the value of the cards. It’s easy to remember: the cards from 2 to 10 have their number value, and the face cards are slightly different: the J, the Q and the K are always worth 10 points and the ace will have a value of your choice, according to your convenience. , 1 or 11. Thus the ace becomes a very valuable card.

It is usually played with several decks at the same time and it is the dealer on behalf of the bank who organizes and deals the cards. In this demo version, the system will be your dealer and the bank, and you will be able to win, lose against him or draw. The different varieties present certain differences between them, because of the development of the game in different geographical areas or they are simply versions with differences specifically designed for online playing.

Variations of online Blackjack

Thus, Blackjack Surrender or Pontoon are also games inspired by the basic rules that we mentioned, but with a touch that makes them different from each other and that manages to introduce something new that provides an extra to the player.

In almost all the demo versions available online, in addition to playing for free, without downloading and without registering; you will be able to take your time and consult the game rules as well as consult how the different elements and commands of the game work.

In the multi-hand versions, you will see that the table, shaped like a crescent or fan, offers you the possibility of placing several bets and playing with several hands. You always start with the bets, which you can determine with the corresponding “buttons”. Generally, you will find several tiles on the screen of different values ​​and you will only have to click on them and place them.

After the bets, two cards will be dealt to each hand, all revealed. They are dealt one at a time and if the dealer’s first is an ace in some games the player can secure the game, as the chances of the dealer winning are higher. From there players have several options: split, stand, double the bet, etc. and the last turn is the dealer. We recommend you try the free versions of the game and learn all the tricks of blackjack, so that later you can enjoy yourself in your online casino.