Having to define what a high roller bonus is in online gaming, we must first define who is a high roller player. The high roller player is what in physical casinos is called shark at the poker tables, the expert, crazy player, who knows how to play and has a high spending power for bets. The high roller bonus consequently are all those bonus packages, privileges, facilities that are given to a high roller player, who in online gaming is the one who plays a lot, who bets at least 500 pounds a week if not more and has a high spending and investment capacity in their online casino adventures.

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How to get a high roller bonus

Who decides if I can sign up for the Vip Bonus program and therefore be considered a high roller player? Sometimes the platform itself allows you to sign up for free but only calculates their big money bonuses upon reaching a certain investment. On many platforms, you have to be careful where you are allowed to play with VIP Bonuses, in many Poker sit & go’s you cannot use high roller bonuses.

On most online sites, however, it is the Casino that invites you to join the program for high roller bonuses once they understand how much you invest and what you play – some games are more popular and others less, depending on game difficulty and experience required to be competitive.  A wrong ideology makes the player think that if he invests on multiple platforms he has a better chance of winning, a wrong thought since the winning depends on personal skills but also on a good dose of luck.

What can I do with these bonuses?

So what are these bonuses for? First of all, to build customer loyalty, to keep you always on the same platform and to let you try different games that you might not know. The more bonuses they give you (like a casino welcome bonus), the more you are encouraged to spend them on their site, the longer you will remain anchored in their casino.

Depending on the portal you will have different bonuses, some focus more attention on the game of Poker or BlackJack, even creating VipRooms where only high roller customers can play, others allow you to accumulate Vip Bonuses even by playing slots, so depending on which is your favourite game you should draw up a ranking of the casinos that allow you to accumulate the highest roller bonuses in the game that suits you best and then vary the platform by logging in to the game of your choice. The high roller bonuses can be spent as points on the site or re-credited in the form of money, generally the modality changes depending on the Online Casino and how it handles VIP customers (find more at firstclassonlinecasinos.com).

A peculiarity that makes you feel like an exclusive customer is that there are rooms, games or tournaments that are open exclusively to VIP customers and that allow you to earn many bonuses, you will feel special and want to continue being a VIP and get more and more high roller bonuses.

So choose where to play, which is your favourite online casino and start betting, thanks to the high roller bonuses you will be able to increase your earnings, they will be your ace in the hole without cheating and being part of an exclusive elite will make you feel pampered. you are spoiled and you will never want to leave the platform you are betting on.